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+ Overdue Balances

Any participant with an overdue balance from the 2016-2017 school year must sign-up for a payment plan and submit the first installment before re-enrolling for summer or fall programs. It is not required that overdue balances be paid-in-full before re-enrolling, but we do require that monthly payments are made consistently in order to continue in the program. 

Contact Kathryn to setup a payment plan.

+ Financial Aid

As of May 2017, we will be collecting proof of income in order to determine the financial aid awarded to each student. Proof of income can be submitted in one of three forms:
  • Copy of the first two pages of your 2016 tax return/form 1040
    • Please redact confidential information.
    • The only necessary information is
      • filer's name
      • address
      • marital status
      • adjusted gross income
      • taxable income.
  • copy of past three pay stubs from each earner in the household
  • copy of official documentation that your child is a recipient of reduced or free lunch

Documentation must be submitted before re-enrollment can be completed. Please submit your documentation in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's name during your child's achievement day appointment during the week of May 30-June 2. You may also email your documentation.

We will input the necessary information as a code in our billing software and will subsequently shred and permanently delete your documentation.

+ Update Personal Information

Sign the Photo/Video Velease and Emergency Medical Waiver. If any of your personal information has changed over the past year, update it using this form.

+ reserve summer classes

Reserve your child's summer classes using this form.


New Instrumental Program (private lessons) applicants who have participated in Musical Foundations for a minimum of 1 year and who are siblings of a student currently enrolled in the Instrumental Program will have top priority for placement into the program. Second priority will be given to the students who have participated in Musical Foundations for the longest period of time. 

If there is not a spot available for Instrumental Program, applicants are encouraged to continue participating in Musicianship or Music Play and remain on the wait list for Instrumental Program. 

+ Enrollment Agreement

Beginning in Summer 2017, participants will sign enrollment agreements accepting their financial aid package and committing to a payment method.  

We offer various payment methods:

  • Pay-in-full (September)
  • Two-Installments (September & February)
  • Monthly Installments (due 1st Wednesday of each month)
  • Payment Plan
    • If you cannot afford the monthly installments, inform us immediately and schedule an appointment to setup a personalized payment plan.

We accept cash, checks and money orders in person on the first Wednesday of the month.

We accept cash, check or money orders by mail as well as electronic bank transfers at any time.

We do not accept credit cards.


If you wish to change your child's private lesson day or time, please consult with your child's private instructor.